Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Media Release

Looking The Other Way, curated by Mia Nielsen
May 3 to June 28, 2007 at the Drake Hotel,
Opening reception May 3rd, 7-9pm

Isabelle Hayeur . Thomas Bangsted . Søren Lose . Penelope Umbrico . Sergei Sviatchenko . Andreas Koch . Jesper Just

Looking The Other Way will bring acclaimed photo-based artists from across Northern Europe, The USA and Canada to Toronto for the Contact Festival, occupying The Drake Hotel from May 3 to June 28, 2007. In preparation for the opening, curator Mia Nielsen comments, “bringing together some of the best photo-based artists this generation has to offer, Looking The Other Way will examine how photographs incite or perhaps squelch desire – through photo-based installation and video works”.

Exhibition highlights include Untitled Legacy, a site-specific digital montage by Montreal’s Isabelle Hayeur, which will stretch over 40 ft across the façade of the building, included in Contact’s program of public installations. Internationally renowned Danish video artist Jesper Just presents a series of potent fairly tales. Berlin-based Søren Lose contributes beguiling photographs, made from found negatives and New York’s Penelope Umbrico will surround the grand staircase in two different installations, one seeming to float up the stairs, the other collapsing to the ground.

Curator, Mia Nielsen explains the background for the exhibition: “From travel snapshots to glossy magazines, photographs subtly influence our desires, shaping our expectations of places and how we remember experiences. However, photos often deliver skewed realities and subjective truths. Through digital technology, the darkroom and the viewfinder, the medium is malleable”.

For more information, images and to arrange interviews,
Please contact Mia Nielsen at or +416 342 0131

All images pictured above are details of the original and come courtesy of the artist.
Top row: Bangsted, Untitled; Umbrico, Mirror 004, Lose, The Rhodes Lead (Tourist)
Bottom: Sviatchenko, Wallpaper; Just, Something To Love; Hayeur Untitled Legacy


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